Intentional Community for Social Change

UCC Young Adult  Service Communities 2014-2015   National Orientation

UCC Young Adult Service Communities
2014-2015         National Orientation

Ten young adult interns and their four host church Spiritual Sojourners jumped right into the heart of the UCC Young Adult Service Communities during national orientation earlier in September.  What is the United Church of Christ? What is the interdependence of direct service and systemic justice?  How do we shape covenants for living together in intentional community?  How will we be part of the gift of blurring the boundaries between congregational life and community engagement with host churches of the UCC’s YASC network and local partner organizations?

As members of the group shared life-shaping commitments with each other on sticky notes, anticipation grew not only for a journey together this year, but of the potential to explore and model intentional community for broad social change.

In coming posts, you will meet the 2014-2015 YASC interns –  journey with them in experiencing the commitments of host congregations and community agencies – and reflect together on our participation in God’s mission in the world.

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