Exploring Faith


Hi! I’m Amber. Where to begin? I was born in South Carolina and raised throughout Western Washington (I finally get to call Seattle home, which is super exciting for me). I grew up in a Christian household but am currently exploring what faith and spirituality look like for me. I am really enjoying participating in the Justice Leadership Program thus far. It’s incredible the amount of information I have learned in the span of one month. I attended Seattle Pacific University and graduated with a degree in psychology. While at SPU, I participated as an academic mentor for college freshmen as well as a tutor for the general psychology course. These experiences and others have shaped my desire for education reform as well as making higher education more accessible. I believe that this year will provide opportunity to gain practical skills, allowing me to work towards these changes related to education. I am always eager to learn and never want to become complacent in my desire for knowledge and insight.

I am extremely excited to be apart of the Faith Action Network (FAN) team. Through work with FAN, I look forward to expanding my awareness of the issues and policies that impact the state of Washington. I am also hoping to restore my belief that faith communities can produce great works. I believe Faith Action Network is a wonderful example of doing just that. I am also excited about exploring my own faith through the course of this year and look forward to serving with and learning from the amazing members of Keystone Congregational Church. I am forever thankful for this opportunity that the UCC has provided and am overwhelmed with gratitude for those who saw potential in me. All of this to say, I can not wait for what is yet to come. Until next time.


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