The UCC’s Young Adult Service Communities are unique opportunities to live in intentional community with others who share commitments of service and social justice. The YASC program gives young adults a chance to reflect on faith questions and network with members of other volunteer communities in the United States.

There are four main components to the YASC program:

  1. Intentional Community Living: Interns live in intentional community with each other – sharing time, space, traditions, commitments, and reflection. Interns development relationships with their host congregation, local community, and YASC groups in other locations.
  2. Congregational Service: Experience the integration of congregational life and mission/service/justice advocacy. Develop servant leadership skills.
  3. Hands-On Justice Advocacy/Service Opportunities: Experience the gifts and share your passions and skills with vulnerable or excluded people.
  4. Faith Conversations: Reflect on your experience and explore a vocabulary of faith that expresses a radical hospitality. Participate in “vocational discernment” and help vision a church engaged in God’s work in the world. Participate in justice Leaders training.

For more information about the UCC’s YASC program, you can click here.


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